Forest of The Blue Skin Wiki

The Slime is a common monster that can be found in The Forest. She's also the weakest enemy in the game, but are you really going to hold that against her cute face?


Multi-State: Has two states, Blob and Humanoid. She switches from Blob to Humanoid when she either: Is hit by the player’s attack OR is in close proximity to the player in an H-Animation with another Monster, at which point she’ll shift forms and start touching herself.

Blob State: Will aimlessly move left and right, completely ignoring the player.

Humanoid State: Slowly moves towards the player, and she’s a short distance away she’ll stop, opening her arms for a hug (you cant say no to a hug)

Attack Pattern

Blob Form: Damages the player upon contact.

Humanoid Form: Deals damage at the end of her H-Animation.

Capture Method

Upon defeating her for the first time, she’ll become capturable instead of dying. Any other Slimes defeated before capturing her will also become capturable instead of dying, though this has no benefit.

Capturing her rewards the player with the Slime Wall Ability.

Emblem Location

Her emblem is located in the Caterpillar Room in The Waterfront Forest.


  • Before Version 1.15, the Slime used to throw Slime Balls at the player instead of hugging him.
  • The Slime's sprite was completely remade in Version 1.15.
  • Has unique stuff in the Gameshow

The Remake

Based on what i have seen so far from few of the "videos" on it, slime got buffed, and has the ball throwing attack.

worst of all though.... she doesnt offer hugs no more. Now that is going over the line.