Forest of The Blue Skin Wiki

The Forest is one of two areas accessible from the beginning of the game, the other being The Mountain.

Monster girls in total: 6

Bosses: 1

Location Connections

Connects to The Starter House, The Tree, The Waterfront Forest, and The Darkened Grasslands.



A long corridor with two portals. The entrance leads to The Starter House and the right leads to the Forest Hub. Contains Slimes and a Forest Nymph, and is the best place to capture them.

Forest Hub

A long room with two portals in the centre, the top one leads to the Monkey Room while the bottom leads to the Turtle Room. There is a Save Point next to the Monkey Room Portal. This room also connects to The Waterfront Forest (in the patch of Yellow Flowers to the left of the Save) and The Darkened Grasslands (in the patch of Dark Grass next to the right wall) Contains Slimes, Ants, and a Forest Nymph. This is the best place to capture an Ant, however keep in mind that the first Ant in the room cannot be captured, as she requires another Monster Girl nearby in order to activate her capture (see her page for more details).

Monkey Room

A small room with a portal on the right side that leads back to the Forest Hub. The Monkey is fought here. After defeating her the Masterbation Skill appears on a platform above the portal. She respawns upon re-entry. Contains no other Monsters.

Turtle Room

A long corridor with two portals. The left leads to the Forest Hub, while the Right leads to the Rabbit Room. Contains Turtles, and is the only place to capture one.

Rabbit Room

A vertical area with two portals. There is a Save Point on a platform above the entrance from the Turtle Room. Also contains the entrance to The Tree at the top, after a bit of platforming. The top portal leads back to the Turtle Room, and the bottom portal leads to a lower platform in the same room. Contains White Rabbits, and is the best place to capture one.

Capturable Monsters



No Emblems can be found in this area.